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We want every participant to enjoy their time out on the Big Cat Poker Run. This is in no way a race or timed event. So please relax enjoy your day, respect the rights of non-participants out on the water and please follow our simple rules below.

  • All participants must register and sign our liability waiver

  • All participants must wear life vests while underway

  • All drivers must abstain from alcohol use

  • All drivers must wear safety lanyards when available.

  • All drivers must attend the drivers' meeting

  • All boats must pay strict adherence to state and county speed regulations including no‐wake zones posted outside of Delta marinas and commercial sectors.

  • Every Vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

  • All boats must be insured

  • Big Cat Poker Run reserves the right to refuse entry to any boat or participant

  • Any participant may be removed during the run if deemed a danger to oneself or others

  • A speed limit of 5 mph is enforced under the Orwood Railroad Bridge.

  • The Coast Guard requires that all participants in the run stay on the waters of the designated route and not take alternate routes to and from the stops.

  • A speed limit of 45 mph is enforced south of the Orwood Railroad Bridge and the associated railway (From the Orwood Bridge to Discovery Bay)

  • All boats must stay in a single file while in narrow channels south of the San Joaquin River

  • If you are in need of a tow please call Vessel Assist, see below.

  • Big Cat Poker Run monitors VHF channels 16 and 72

  • Big Cat contact numbers are listed below

  • If you have an emergency use VHF channel 16 or see the numbers below.

  • Maps for the area are available at registration.

Contact numbers

  • Emergency‐ VHF Channel 16

  • Coast Guard Rio Vista - 707 374 2655

  • Contra Costa County Sheriff - 925 646 2441

  • San Joaquin County Sheriff - 209 468 4421

  • Vessel Assist - 800 367 8222 or 925 382 4422

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